A Strategic Inclusion Plan (or ‘SIP’) is a planning tool for services accessing the Inclusion Support Program. It documents goals and progress, helping your service to ensure all children experience a sense of belonging.

Try these reflective questions to use with this video, either individually or at your next staff meeting or PD session:

  • When it comes to inclusion, what are your biggest goals?
  • What are the benefits of having a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP)?
  • How and when can you use a SIP as a planning and documentation tool?
  • How does a SIP link to your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and why might it be a valuable asset during the assessment and rating process?
  • How can a SIP help you get ahead when it comes to supporting the inclusion of all children at your service?

Reflective questions_What is a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP)?

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