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Disability Resources

Resources + Forms

Disability resources for educators

Disability in education and care: What every educator should know – Video

How can we meaningfully include children with disabilities in early and middle childhood programs? In this moving video, educators describe what they do, why they do it and the benefits for all children.

Try these reflective questions to use with this video, either individually or at your next staff meeting or PD session:

  • What are your attitudes towards disability? And how do those ideas affect others?
  • Is there anything you’re afraid of or that holds you back?
  • Do you know the strengths of all your children and are they what you see first?
  • Can you think of a time you didn’t feel capable of including a child? What was missing?
  • Why isn’t funding for an additional educator always the most appropriate solution to challenges faced?
  • Is your service inclusion ready?
  • Could you do anything to be more prepared? How can your service intentionally plan for the success of all children?

Reflective questions_Disability in education and care: What every educator should know

Developmental delay – An information guide for parents
Developmental delay a guide for parents RCH_single page

A guide for parents written by RCH that is also useful for ECEC professionals. This guide includes information about developmental delays, intellectual disability and autistic spectrum disorders. Includes a list of useful organisations for families.


Developmental delay – an information guide for parents

Additional needs – Where to start? – Information sheet
Additional Needs_Where to Start_Page_1

Download this information sheet from Kids Matter and make a start. Think about how you support children with additional needs and what you might need to find out more about.


Additional needs - Where to start?

Personalised learning and support: Autism Spectrum Disorder – Resources

The Victorian State Government Department of Education and Training has producesd a wide range of valuable resources to assist in the inclusion of children and young people on the autism specrum and to support their learning.

This link includes information, materials, practical strategies and tools to support learning and creation of autism friendly environments.

Supporting students with additional needs | Autism Spectrum Disorder

QLD Gov Early Years Connect – Webinar series – Supporting children with diverse abilities

Explore these thirteen videos about inclusion – check out 

IT tools for children with a disability

Inclusion of children with complex additional needs: where do we start?

Sensory processing: Helping children belong and learn

Develop an inclusive philosophy and quality improvement plan,

Build an inclusive team and more!

Queensland Government – Early Years Connect Webinars

Inclusion of Children with Additional Needs – Workbook

A self guided learning package for you to work through at your leisure. This package will help you identify barriers to inclusion and think about the language and actions you use to support inclusion.  Enjoy working through the package on your own or look at the content in small groups during team meetings.

Inclusion of Children with Additional Needs Workbook

QLD Gov – Early Years Connect – Information sheets

The DET Queensland Early Years Connect information sheets provide facts and advice about inclusion, disability support, legislation and working with families and other professionals. Explore and learn about creating inclusive children’s services and gain skills in leading and implementing change. Download the documents and apply the knowledge to your Victorian setting.

Queensland Government – Early Years Connect Webinars

Amaze – Website

Amaze is the peak body for people on the autistic spectrum and their supporters in Victoria, have a look around the website to learn about the Autistic Spectrum and access resources. 

Amaze - About Autism Spectrum Disorder

House with No Steps – Website

Explore the website – listen to the stories of people with a disability; learn more about disability in Australia.

House with No Steps Resource Centre

Additional needs and mental health – Information sheet
Additional Needs and Mental Health_P1

Through this information sheet by KidsMatter, read stories about children and learn about how you can work together with families to help children to reach there potential. Gain a greater understanding of the difficulties children might face, and the emotions and experiences children and families might go through during the diagnosis phase. 


Additional needs and mental health information sheet

Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania – Website

Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania is the peak body for early childhood intervention in these states. Check out the website and follow the links to the inclusion hub for more resources.

Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria / Tasmania