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Speech + Language Resources

Resources + Forms

Speech and language resources for educators

Speech Pathology Australia – Website

Check out this website for more information and a range of facts sheets related to speech and language development.

Speech Pathology Australia > Resources > Fact Sheets

Raising Children Network – Language development – Website

Explore the language section of Raising Children Network website. Learn about language development, language delay and speech disorders and more. Go to the website and search language for all the options.

Raising Children Network

Learning Difficulties Australia – Language and literacy – Website

Check out the research, resources and links on this website. What might you be able to use in your service?

Learning Difficulties Australia

What is language delay – Information sheets

Check out this collection of information about helping children overcome developmental challenges from the Kid Sense website. Learn about language delays, speech delays and disorders and receptive language. What strategies will you use to support language development in all children?  

Kid Sense speech delay/disorder information

Queensland Gov – Supporting language and early literacy practices in kindergarten – A guide
Kindergarten_ Supporting language and early literacy practices-single page

A guide for educators, create a supportive learning environment to promote language and early literacy and reflect on your teaching practice – what aspects of literacy would you like to find out more about?


Supporting language and early literacy practices in kindergarten

More than baby talk – A guide
More than BabyTalk_10 ways to promote the language and commication skills of infants and toddlers_P1

Read this guide written by Nicole Gardner-Neblett and Kathleen Cranley Gallagher to find out more about promoting the language development and communication skills of infants and toddlers. It includes a summary of the research and some actions to try. How will you embed these in your program?


More than baby talk, 10 ways to promote language and commication in infants and toddlers

Talking Point – The first stop for information on children’s communication – Website

Explore this UK website to find out about ages and stages, supporting the needs of all children and develop your skills and knowledge.

Talking Point – the first stop for information on children’s communication

Listening as a way of life – A guide
Listening as a way of life_supporting_parents_and_carers_to_listen_P1

A guide for practitioners about supporting listenting in the service and supporting parents and carers to listen. 


Listening as a way of life, supporting parents and carers to listen